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DMM Wire Lanyard iD – 150cm


The humble wire strop forms the back bone of most ‘short-term’ temporary anchor systems. Made from swaged 6mm galvanised steel wire with thimbles to minimise potential of over-tight rope radius damage.

PVC tubing protects the sling from its environment and in some cases, the environment from the sling (such as delicate paintwork).

Our final touch is to heat shrink in the swages, minimising the chance of cuts and abrasions from the terminated wire ends.

Now comes with DMM iD as standard

Available in different lengths

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  • Minimum breaking strength 24kN
  • Conforms to BS EN 795(b):2012 and BS EN 354:2010
  • Please note that to conform to EN 354:2010 (Industrial Lanyards), a lanyards total length (including any connectors, energy absorbers etc) must not exceed 200cm


  • Materials: galvanised steel, PVC
  • Weight: 535g
  • Colour: silver
  • Strength: 24kN
  • Certification: EN795:2012 B, EN354:2010

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Weight 535 g




DMM Wire ID Lanyard
DMM Wire Lanyard iD – 150cm