Kayaking the River Arun

Seal launch under the road bridge in Stopham.
Seal launching under the Bridge, get on and get wet!
Group kayaking trips on the River Arun at Stopham Bridge.
Old Stopham Bridge
River trip on the Arun with Hatt Adventures.
The lower sections of the River Arun
Kayaking the wide open sections of the River Arun in Sussex.
Lower sections of the River Arun are fairly wide before becoming overgrown and narrow in the upper reaches.
Exploring the River Arun, Sussex.
Starting to get overgrown.
Overgrown sections of the River Arun.
River Arun flooding.
Even the sign posts seem lost!
A jetty on the River Arun.
Time for a rest on this handy jetty.
Resting after some kayaking on the River Arun.
Relaxing on the River Arun
Nearing the upper reaches of the River Arun.
In the distance the ‘Keepers Cottage’ can just be seen and this marks the furthest upstream we can go.
Kayaking on the river Arun with swans.
Time to return to Stopham Bridge.