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Lights, Camera, Action! Filming a Subaru Advert – Pt.1

Filming a Subaru Car Advert We were contacted in late March 2015 by BJL Group Ltd. about filming one of our rock climbing instructors for a new Subaru advert. They had some ideas about how the advert was going to… Continue Reading →

Climbing in Rjukan, Norway

Rjukan is a mecca for European ice climbing and is famous for easily accessible single and multi-pitch ice routes. The team of 5 found the ice in slightly lean condition with deep snow hindering the walk-ins (conditions which would still… Continue Reading →

Belay Devices

There are 2 main styles of belay devices; those that increase the friction on the rope (bugs, ATC’s etc.) and those that pinch the rope (grigri, Single Rope Controller, etc.) As there are so many types of belay devices on… Continue Reading →

Climbing on Lundy

A small team from Hatt Adventures (Tom Hatt, Kyle Holman, Joe Fraser and photographer Tim Taylor) as well as a number of other enthusiastic climbers visited the granite sea cliffs of Lundy for a weeks worth of climbing. It was… Continue Reading →

How to Tie a Re-Threaded Figure of 8

Step 1 Make a loop, in the rope and thread the rope back round into the loop to create an 8 shape. This is known as a single figure-of-eight. To tie a re-threaded figure-of-eight you will need approximately 1m of… Continue Reading →

How to Tie a Bowline

Step 1 Create a loop (some people refer to this as the ‘rabbit hole’), then continue in the same direction as if you were about to create a bigger loop. Step 2 Pass the end of the rope around the… Continue Reading →

Photo Shoot – DWP

In 2009 we were commissioned by Jessica Vanderweert to provide a location safety, training and equipment for a photo shoot she was working on for the Department for Work and Pensions. They wanted to shoot in Sussex and have a… Continue Reading →

Photo Shoot – Image Source

Way back in 2008 and we were approached by a photographer who was creating a gallery for use on the image platform Image Source to provide location scouting, safety and equipment for photo shoot in North Wales. We had two… Continue Reading →

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