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BCU - 1 Star Kayak Award

BCU - 1 star kayak award run in Sussex and Kent. Learn how to kayak and all the skills needed to pass your BCU 1 star kayak assessment.

Improve Your Paddling Skills with the BCU's 1 Star Award in Kayaking

The British Canoe Union’s 1 star award is designed to be the first step in becoming a paddler: learning the paddle stokes needed to control the kayak through the water, the safety aspects of kayaking with others including capsize procedures, and the theory behind the sport. There is no need to have tried kayaking before although having previous experience may help.

During the one day course we will ensure you gain all the relevant skills and theory needed to get started in this fantastic and diverse sport and for you to pass the assessment, for example controlling and paddling the kayak, launching and recovering and capsize techniques, as well as basic theory. In addition to the knowledge and skills needed to pass the assessment, your instructor will provide you with extra tips and techniques along the way to make sure you really get your teeth in!

If you want to see the full syllabus, click here.

If you would like to take the BCU Kayak 1 Star Award but have never been kayaking and feel like you'd like to experience the sport before taking the award, why not try our Kayaking Experience to get you started?

Kayaking BCU 1 Star Award Photos

To view photos from some of our previous BCU 1 Star Kayaking courses, please click here.

During the course we will cover

  • Safety awareness
  • Equipment selection
  • Launching and recovering
  • Steering and controlling
  • Kayaking theory
  • Capsize drills
  • Using spray decks


Group Bookings
£80pp (Group Size 5-6)
£75pp (Group Size 7-8)



Group Size

2-8 Weekdays / 3-8 Weekends

To teach the key kayaking techniques, control and theory and to be assessed to the British Canoe Union's 1 Star syllabus.

Who it's for
Anyone wishing to take the first step towards BCU star awards and get into the thrilling sport of kayaking. If you’ve attended one of our kayaking experiences then the BCU 1 Star award is the natural progression.

There are no prerequisites for this course; this course and assessment can be taken without any prior experience, however if you are not sure you want to take the award but would like to try kayaking why not try our Kayaking Experience?

March to October, please see the calendar for the next available dates.

Weir Wood Reservoir - Sussex & Kent

Equipment Supplied

All kayaking and safety equipment supplied except for wetsuits (we provide waterproof tops)

Equipment Needed

Suitable clothing for the time of year should be worn. A complete change of clothes or a wetsuit with appropriate footwear is also needed. We will provide you with a kit list

Must be able to swim 50m fully clothed (2 lengths of a standard pool).
Min Age - 18yrs
Max Weight - 15 stone (95kg)
Max Height - 6ft 2" (188cm)

I want to thank you very much for a great day on Saturday. I got a lot of out the day and enjoyed it all. I feel like I really learned a lot from you. And I think this is the same for Ivan. Now all I have to do is get some kit and get kayaking!
Thanks again.

Julie Pickard

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